Corruption as low as in the United States

E-Government services as good as in Switzerland

State finances as stable as in Germany

International trade as efficient as in Hong Kong

Corporate income tax as low as in Panama

0% corporate income tax on retained and reinvested profits

Legal and Compliance

Corporate Law

The main areas of our expertise include:

  • incorporation and liquidation of companies, branches and representative offices;

  • shareholder rights and shareholder agreements;

  • directors' liabilities and responsibilities;

  • increase and decrease of share capital;

  • replacement of members of management bodies;

  • service contracts with members of management bodies;

  • employment agreements with employees;

  • loan and other transaction related agreements;

  • arrangement of general meetings of shareholders or members of management board;

  • change of articles of association;

  • mergers and acquisitions.

Commercial Law

We advise clients in preparation of any and all possible commercial and trade agreements, including drafting and negotiating of contracts, e.g. distribution, agency, franchise, licence, sales, joint venture, import and export financing, insurance, outsourcing, IT, etc.

Employment Law

The main areas of our expertise include:

  • individual employment contracts;

  • handling issues relating to employment, service and consultancy agreements;

  • changing employment terms and conditions;

  • international assignment solutions, including related issues, such as social security implications, residence permits, visas and immigration issues.

Legal Compliance

We provide general compliance advice to our corporate clients on the legal issues which most regularly impact upon their businesses, e.g. data protection, competition law, directors´ statutory obligations etc.  We help our clients navigate the labyrinth of legislation and best practice codes relevant to corporate governance and corporate responsibility.

Immigration Law

The main areas of our expertise include:

  • Assistance in preparation of all necessary documents relevant applying for Estonian residence permits and visas;

  • Assistance in submitting relevant documents for processing;

  • Representing clients in state or municipal institutions;

  • Consultations regarding the valid immigration law.