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Importance of local knowledge

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Corporate Administration Services for e-Residents

An e-Resident is an individual who has received the e-Resident’s digital identity (smart ID-card) from the Republic of Estonia. E-residency gives its holders the ability to digitally sign documents and contracts, register companies in Estonia, file Estonian taxes online, encrypt documents and conduct e-banking.

If you didn’t know that you may find more information here: About e-Residency.

How do you benefit as an e-Resident?

After you have received an e-Residency card, there are many ways you can use it.

As an e-Resident you can:

  • Use Estonian public services online via portal eesti.ee
  • Sign documents and contracts digitally, encrypt and transmit them securely
  • Verify the authenticity of signed documents
  • Establish an Estonian company online within one business day (at the moment a physical address in Estonia is required, which we can help you with)
  • Administer the company from anywhere in the world
  • Conduct e-banking and remote money transfers with a single smart card
  • Declare Estonian taxes online (e-Residency does not automatically establish a tax residency)

Although these are only some of the benefits e-Residency has to offer, it’s clear that it helps you to save valuable time and money and makes business more secure. But how can you take full advantage of the opportunities, especially if you want to register a business in Estonia?

Corporate Administration Services for e-Residents

Incorporate in Estonia provides full support services related to the e-Residency card.

Our services are available whenever you need further instructions or face technical difficulties. This means that you can have a maximum benefit from your e-Residence card.

Corporate Administration Services for e-Residents include:

  • Guidance through the process of setting up the company
  • Legal business address for company registration (required for non-residents)
  • Contact for procedural documents (required for non-EU residents)
  • Postal mail digitization & forwarding
  • Notifications and reminders of tasks and duties
  • Helpdesk/customer support via email

For more information please contact us.