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Estonian company formation

Easy and advantageous formation of the company, economic and political stability, good location in Europe and favourable tax system. These are only couple of reasons why to start business in Estonia.

Estonia is the only country in the world which provides e-Residency, i.e. virtual residency. E-services developed in Estonia enable you to establish a business without visiting the country and run it successfully through internet.

Saving on taxes while running business in Estonia

The Estonian unique and favourable tax system is one of the most liberal ones in the whole world. The tax rate of the re-invested profit is 0% in Estonia and since 2009 the dividends paid to the non-residents are also no more taxed. The Estonian tax system is simple with low tax rates.

High-quality services with reasonable price

For making the Estonian company formation process faster and saving as much as possible with favourable tax system, Incorporate in Estonia provides you professional consultation and services which assist in registration as well as managing the company. You can order local address, phone number and accounting and other virtual office services from us. The prices of virtual office services start from only 15 euros a month.

Estonian company formation without visiting the country

There is no need to visit Estonia in order to establish a company and open a bank account. Everything can be arranged remotely based on a Power of Attorney. We will prepare a special Power of Attorney for you for that purpose. The only thing you are required to do is to obtain a notarial and, if applicable, apostilled certification for that proxy and send it to us by courier.

  • Read more about a notarial certification here.
  • Read more about an apostille certification here.

Different forms of business entities in Estonia

According to the Estonian Commercial Code there are five forms of business entities: private limited company, public limited company, general partnership, limited partnership and commercial association. The most popular type of legal entity being set up by foreigners in Estonia is private limited company (in Estonian "Osaühing” or “").

A private limited company (PLC) is the most common form of business in Estonia

A private limited company (hereinafter the "PLC") is a company that has a share capital divided into private limited company shares. A shareholder is not personally liable for the obligations of the company. The minimum share capital is EUR 2,500. The minimum nominal value of a share is EUR 1. If the founders are individuals and the share capital is less than EUR 25,000, then the founders can decide that the contribution must not be paid upon the establishing of the company.

PLC must have a management board. The management board may have one member (director) or several members. A member of the management board need not be a shareholder and must be an individual (not legal entity).

Estonian company formation is fast and advantageous

The Estonian company formation is fast and advantageous and enables to save on taxes. Being a member of the European Union and having excellent geographical location near the Baltic Sea simplifies the organization of logistics and freight transport. Thanks to e-Residency and e-services you can establish a company and run it without visiting the country.

Do you have any questions or do you wish to establish a business in Estonia? Please contact us and together we will find the best solution for your business.