Low tax jurisdiction

Ease of doing business

Political and economic stability

Low cost of doing business

Ease of communications and travel

Equal treatment and protection of investors

About Estonia

Whether you’re a tourist, thinking of immigrating or starting a company in Estonia, we have a lot to offer as a people and a country.

Estonians pride themselves of being the inventors of a few legendary digital solutions like Skype or Kazaa. With a history that goes back to the last ice age, Estonia trampled its recent Soviet burdens and has greeted the digital age with open arms. The whole country is governed online now.

Despite the initially cool demeanour, you’ll find that if you give Estonians a chance, they’ll warm up pretty nicely. Pay no mind if people tend to ask why you are here, they’re often just surprised someone might willingly want to come to their old corner of the world.

A company in Estonia enjoys many freedoms. It has been the goal of all the recent government cabinets to try and attract the business and research talents of the world. An example of that could be pretty much all of the official paperwork being online. We invite you try out the perks of being an Estonian!

Fun facts about Estonia

  • Pretty much everyone from young to old is online – 81% of all the population uses the Internet regularly.
  • A common type of company in Estonia is the startup, it has the most per capita in the world
  • … also the most supermodels per capita.
  • About 10% of the population comes together every four years to sing and dance together.


Political system: Republic
Capital city: Tallinn
Total area: 45 000 km²
Population: 1.3 million
Currency: Euro
Official language:  Estonian


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