Corruption as low as in the United States

E-Government services as good as in Switzerland

State finances as stable as in Germany

International trade as efficient as in Hongkong

Corporate income tax as low as in Panama

0% corporate income tax on retained and reinvested profits

Air Transport

  • Of European Union capitals, Tallinn is located nearest to Asia
  • This geographical advantage gives Asian airlines an opportunity for a new, more cost-effective and competitive access to the European market
  • Long-haul flights from Asia to Tallinn, connecting flights to other European destinations
  • Shorter long-haul flight times and lower operating costs achieved by airplane 24 hour turnaround with only one aircraft rotation
  • Connecting flights to European destinations in cooperation with existing carriers in Tallinn, or establishing a subsidiary airline in Tallinn
  • EU market access with EU Open Sky Policy permits entering every European city with no restrictions