Corruption as low as in the United States

E-Government services as good as in Switzerland

State finances as stable as in Germany

International trade as efficient as in Hongkong

Corporate income tax as low as in Panama

0% corporate income tax on retained and reinvested profits

Terminal and Warehouse

  • Europe’s most efficient terminals are situated at the Estonian harbours, so reloading of goods is performed faster than in other European harbours
  • Estonian harbours are unique in Europe in the sense that there is still plenty of land available for the construction of new terminals
  • Unique value added services and high flexibility of the specialised terminals and warehouses enable customers to trade in wide variety of goods and commodities directly from the distribution centre located in Estonia
  • There are three main options available concerning industrial real estate like terminals, warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing plans etc: renting existing warehouse space or terminal areas, land lease for up to 99 years, customized development and construction of new premises based on customer’s specific demands
  • Buying the land or existing premises is fourth considerable alternative, which is subject to negotiations with landlords