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How establishing a company in Estonia can make you happier?

Do you know which OECD country has the most competitive tax system? Which country is located in the centre of Western, Eastern and Northern Europe? Which country enables to become its virtual resident without entering it even once? You probably suggest Estonia – and you are right. A company in Estonia enables you to save money, gives you flexibility and freedom to work where you like.

Enjoy higher net income

Establishing a company in Estonia is fast and cheap, The Estonian State favours entrepreneurship, thus the paperwork related to company registration is continuously decreasing and the private limited company (which is most popular form of business in Estonia) can be established in internet with only one day or even within one hour. If you do not have the Estonian address required for establishing a company, you can order it from the local cooperation partner (virtual office services). In addition to low start-up expenses you can also save on taxes.

Which factors do help to save on taxes in Estonia?

According to Tax Foundation report the favourable tax system of Estonia is due to four circumstances:

  1. The corporate income tax is 20% and this only on the dividends paid. As the re-invested profit has been taxed with 0%, Estonia is a specially favourable location for the fast growing and developing companies.
  2. The personal income tax rate is 20% and this is not applied to the personal dividend income. This means that you do not have to worry about double taxation.
  3. Only land, not the buildings located thereon, is taxed with property tax in Estonia.
  4. Estonia has a territorial tax system which excludes the obligation to pay taxes in Estonia on the income earned abroad.

Work where you want

Thanks to highly developed e-services and possibilities to apply for e-residency, you can establish a company in Estonia without entering the country not even once. Make payments in internet bank, submit reports and declare payments in the internet environments and use for example Skype application, also created by Estonians, for the communication with cooperation partners. The establishing of a company in Estonia enables you to live and travel where you like, the only precondition is the existence of internet connection. If you wish to come to the spot, you can do it by plane, ship, train as well as by bus or car. Tallinn is only 3-hour flight away from the biggest European cities.

There are a lot of reasons why to establish a company in Estonia.

Do you have questions about establishing a company in Estonia?

The establishing of a local company is easier, if you are aware of all more important laws, requirements and taxes. We provide professional advisory, accounting and virtual office services for your company in Estonia, so you do not have to spend time on the search and study of necessary information.

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By Richard J. Witismann on 20 July, 2016