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How is the nominee shareholder service organised in Estonia?

Whatever needs you might have for your business activities or interests, dynamic assistance with them can come a long way. The nominee shareholder service is one of many corporate services available to you.

How is it organised in Estonia and what are the usual reasons for using it?

A nominee shareholder protects your privacy

Incorporate in Estonia is committed to seeing to our client’s needs. One of those needs can be privacy, with which the nominee shareholder service can assist. Using the service means:

  • Complete anonymity in relation to the ownership of shares in a given company
  • Custom scope of powers granted to the nominee shareholder by a confidential agreement
  • Disclosure of the actual owner only by the power of legal institutions

The service is recognised by the  Estonian Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act, under clause 7 subsection 2. Any corporate documentation that follows would not involve your name, but that of the nominee shareholder.

Privacy is a right

Any reason for it can be valid – you might not want to publicly disclose your investments, your name might attract attention that might disrupt various activities, or it can be a question of security.

For example, a shareholder of two companies might not wish to prefer to disclose their involvement in both. Or, a shareholder might not wish the publicity of owning shares to have an effect on their private life. The reasons are numerous. In simple terms, if shopping can be private, why not other personal business activities?

One of many services available

For businesses from abroad, Estonia can offer both privacy and professionalism with various services. Employing a nominee shareholder is an investment of trust we are happy to oblige.

For any questions that you might have with incorporating your business activities in Estonia, contact us now!

By Richard J. Witismann on 19 October, 2016