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How to start your own European company today?

European company registration is a particularly relevant and curious topic as of late. The recent years have brought several opportunities for anyone wishing to enter the markets. Estonia in particular has taken steps to become a gateway to the perks of the EU.

The path to new opportunities for entrepreneurs is as simple as ever. The EU and several of its members have continued with their open door policy for new talent from beyond its borders wishing to establish a company. A similar cohesion to that of the EU, in business activities spanning an entire continent, is rare to find.

Estonia stands firm

While Estonia is a small country, it strives to be a pillar of the unified economic space. For example, the country’s e-Residency has been all the rage in economic news all year, which allows anyone access to business-related services normally available to a citizen, all online. The service is used now by over 10 000 people, 58% of which are either tied to a location-independent business, or wishing to bring business to Estonia and Europe.

Several institutions and even the government itself have shown that Estonia welcomes with open arms not only those dissatisfied with the upcoming severance of the UK from the EU, but also anyone wishing to conveniently enter the European market. 

It is a clear message not only from Estonia, but the EU itself – bring your business and ideas to us and we’ll guarantee not only freedom for growth, but opportune access to a whole collective of markets.

European company registration made easy

Entering the European market  means access to its vibrant variety and potent profitability. Here are two resources available to you:

  • We have compiled a helpful overview of the reasons why Estonia is the perfect option for European company registration.
  • If you wish additional information, the official website of the EU has compiled extensive information on European company registration.

Know that general information can only get you so far. If it is an expert’s assistance you need, Incorporate in Estonia has got your back.

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By Richard J. Witismann on 24 August, 2016