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Learn how the Estonian electronic ID system makes life more efficient for global entrepreneurs

If we take a look at all of the innovation that has occurred in Estonia in the past 25 years that has helped us become one of the world’s few fully digital nations then perhaps none have been as important as the electronic identity the system (eID).

It’s the foundation of e-Estonia and it was first conceived 15 years ago.

Almost all of the e-Services used by everyday people is built on the eID – a digital authentication solution. It’s something that is used daily across both public and private sectors enabling customer identification, digital communication with government authorities, automated workflow etc.

It’s become an integral part of a citizen’s daily activities, both in the business and government sectors’.

If you’re intrigued by how the eID has made life easier, more convenient and more accessible for the Estonian population, then take a look at the video below. You’ll find out exactly how it works and understand the basic infrastructure behind it.


One of the best ways to become a part of a digital nation such as Estonia is to establish a business here.

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities Estonia offers to entrepreneurs worldwide then contact us!

By Richard J. Witismann on 18 November, 2019

The electronic identity system is an integral part of a citizen’s daily activities, both in the business and government sectors’