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Migration to Europe – 6 reasons to do it through Estonia

1. Several opportunities for obtaining residence permit

Migration to Europe through Estonia is possible in several cases: to start a business, study, carry out research work, join a family member and start working of course.

2. Estonia has a favourable environment for starting business activities

If you wish to start business activities in Europe, Estonia has a very favourable environment for that purpose. The Estonian unique tax system is one of the most liberal ones in the whole world, the tax rate of the re-invested profit being 0% for example. Starting a business in Estonia is fast and easy. Starting a business in several West European countries takes weeks, in Estonia it is possible online with half an hour.

3. You can become a virtual resident already before entering Estonia

Estonia is an only country in the world offering virtual residency to the foreigners. As an e-resident you can digitally sign documents and contracts, register companies and use several e-services and databases. And this all already before you have entered Estonia.

4. High share of foreigners and several support services

About 15% of the Estonian citizens are non-citizens which is one of the highest percents in Europe. As many foreigners live in Estonia, different programmes and foundations have been established which help non-citizens to get used to new environment and lead a good life in the Estonian society.

5. You can communicate freely in English and Russian

The Estonian official language is Estonian, but more than half of the citizens have a command of two foreign languages which are mostly English and Russian (Europeans and their languages). Widely spread internet also facilitates communication in Estonia, you can namely use mobile internet or wifi even when walking in the forest or along the marsh in Estonia.

6. The right to create one’s own life

Several rights of Estonian citizen apply to you as a foreigner, for example the right to freely choose the field of activity, profession and job and the right to join the companies.

There are many reasons why to choose migration to Europe through Estonia.

Migration to Europe with the help of experts

Regardless of the reasons of migration, our experts take care that migration to Europe would be fast and flexible. See more: EU Immigration Support

By Richard J. Witismann on 5 September, 2016