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Online business registration in Estonia is fast and profitable

Few decades ago one could not even imagine that on one day business activities could be started without leaving one’s office desk. The latter possibility is offered by the countries with highly developed information technology, including Estonia. Online business registration is available for almost everyone who has access to internet – regardless of your location or time.

Online business registration in Estonia is appropriate in different cases: 

  • Trading or service company for tax-free exit strategy;
  • Agency company for tax-free trading;
  • Holding company for international financing;
  • Company for personal investments;
  • Company for asset protection.

The other countries are also offering a possibility for online business registration. Why to choose Estonia?

Estonia offers e-Residency as the only country in the world

Estonian is the only country in the world offering e-Residency, i.e. virtual residency, to foreign residents. By e-Residency you can easily use e-services, have access to national databases and sign digitally the documents needed for business activities.

Managing a business is fast and efficient and there is no need to enter the country even once for business registration and management. For example, Estonia also holds a world record in online business registration – it took only 18 minutes.

By e-Residency Estonia builds up an e-society and makes the running of business in Estonia increasingly easier. The e-Residency ID cards also enable to conveniently make the offered services digital and add new services. For example, the pilot programme starts in 2016 which enables the e-residents to participate online and e-vote at the meetings of the shareholders of the companies listed at Tallinn Stock Exchange.

Low operating expenses and economic stability

Not only the business registration process, but also further management is fast and easy. Estonia belongs to the European Union, has adopted the single currency euro and is an economically stable country. As the salaries in Estonia are 2-3 times lower than the ones in the neighbouring countries Finland and Sweden and Western European countries, the expenses on local labour are lower. Thus you can find a local professional cooperation partner by saving time and money at the same time. Read more: Why Estonia?

Online business registration

Online business registration is possible regardless of being an e-resident or not. Register your business fast and favourably here: Estonian Company Formation or contact us.

By Richard J. Witismann on 13 May, 2016