Company formation and management in Estonia

Solving nonstandard business issues

Share capital payment in cryptocurrencies

Accounting for crypto-assets

Remote business management

Location-independent business with minimal cost and red tape

A fully digital end-to-end service

Amazon FBA business accepted

Complex ownership structures with multiple shareholders

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Blockchain & cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology offers an alternative payment system provided by banks and FinTech companies. While an international bank transfer could take up to 5-7 business days, cryptocurrency payments are nearly instantaneous only taking a couple of minutes.

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In order to obtain a cryptocurrency exchange license in Estonia an application must be filed to the Register of Economic Activities. The application must be supported by required documents and information.

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We are able to provide an analysis of the white paper in order to determine the type of tokens that would be issued during the ICO and thereupon comply with Estonian legal framework. Before conducting an ICO it is crucial to be aware of possible tax implications and KYC/AML requirements set forth by the law.

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Company’s share capital is paid in an alternative way. Non-fiat currency is used in order to contribute the share capital of a freshly established company.

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Preparation, submission and registration of the prospectus with EFSA, legal support during ICO. In case a token issued within ICO represents any kind of security or even in case a token has elements of security, the relevant ICO shall fall under the regulation of Estonian Securities Market Act. In very short that means that an issuer shall follow the rules and process of initial public offer (IPO). 

Client will have a ready-to-use legal document. Terms of use will be drafted according to the business description of the platform, terms and conditions of processing personal data in accordance with Estonian law and GDPR.

Proposed business model preliminary analysis. Main scope is to guide the client regarding further company registration, authorization and taxes.