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Managing the company of the future

Estonian company with a cryptocurrency wallet

There is no way today to make legitimate payments in cryptocurrencies between two companies, since it's not possible to link the wallet to a specific company. It means that cryptocurrency is generally anonymous and anonymity creates several challenges to involving stakeholders: authorities and companies.

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Our service will provide business owners a modern alternative to traditional money transfer services offered by banks and FinTech companies. A unique cryptographic ID is generated for an Estonian company based on a blockchain technology, which enables to make non- anonymous cryptocurrency payments and prove belonging of funds to a particular company.

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Our service is for anyone who wants to find solutions for aforementioned current challenges, to do business and make cryptocurrency transfers in a transparent and legal way, and who want to make their transactions available for recording, audit or supervision (e.g. bookkeepers, auditors, tax office, financial intelligence units, police, courts etc.).

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If you use cryptocurrencies to pay for (or accept them as payment for) goods or services, an Estonian company with an attached cryptocurrency wallet offer a plethora of benefits which can be very rewarding.

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Discover our service features, created for you, based on your needs. All integrated into a simple and clean user interface.

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