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Take your Amazon FBA business to the next level

Save money, effort and reduce bureaucracy by managing your FBA business through an Estonian company

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Why operate on behalf of an Estonian company on Amazon?


You pay 0% tax on reinvested profits

Estonia has one of the most competitive tax systems in the world. The biggest advantage compared to other countries is that you do not pay tax on reinvested profits and profits retained in the company. This means you can grow and expand your business without paying tax.. invest more.. earn more..


Low administration and maintenance costs

The costs of running and managing an Estonian company are very low compared to most other countries. This is thanks to Estonia striving towards constant digitalization.. which brings us to the next point..


Manage your company from anywhere

Grow and run your business from anywhere in the world. No physical presence is required in Estonia. You can digitally sign documents, declare taxes, conduct banking and submit annual reports. Thanks to Estonias numerous e-solutions, 99% of public services can be accessed online.

Minimal bureaucracy

Since everything can practically be done online with one click, the amount of bureaucracy you have to deal with on a daily basis is close to zero. This leaves you with more time to focus on expanding and growing your business.

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What do you get with our all-in-one package?

An Amazon seller account on any European Amazon marketplace of your choosing. We help you set up a payment account and make sure you comply with EU legal and regulatory requirements.


A company in Estonia – the essence of it all. You pay 0% tax on reinvested profits when using an Estonian company allowing you to effectively grow your business.


You will receive an e-Residency card that makes it simple and effective to manage your business online.

Consolidation of your Amazon marketplace(s) accounting reports into an annual report that is in full compliance with Estonian legislation.


After your company has been established you will receive a link which you can use to open a payment service account with Transferwise, the most convenient and valuable FinTech for Amazon FBA entrepreneurs.


Professional support that helps you set up your company efficiently and smoothly and is there to answer any questions you might have.

We also offer tailor-made solutions to entrepreneurs that have more complex business structures in mind or who would like to request additional services. You can contact us at the bottom of the page to get your custom solution.

If you have more specific needs and require a custom solution, please contact us at