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One stop shop to keep your crypto-business compliant and hassle-free

Our service offering means that we will take care of everything you need - Estonian company formation with cryptocurrency exchange & wallet licences and  a bank account. 


Estonian company. You got it!

  • Remote management
  • Legal address & contact person
  • Suitable for running an ICO
  • No corporate income tax on reinvested profits
  • No VAT on cryptocurrency trades
  • Accounting service tailored for crypto-assets (optional)

Cryptocurrency exchange licence. Done!

  • Authorises services for exchanging Fiat to Crypto and vice versa
  • Required by banks for bank account opening application
  • Complete kit of internal regulations
  • Official guidelines

Cryptocurrency wallet licence. Checked!

  • Enables to offer customers a cryptocurrency wallet service for transferring and storing cryptocurrencies
  • Required by banks for a bank account opening application
  • Complete kit of internal regulations
  • Official guidelines

Order both licences here and start accounting for your company's crypto assets free of charge

Proceed to application and get your licence

The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act stipulates that providing services of the exchange of virtual currency or custodial wallet services requires an authorization.

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In order to get a virtual currency exchange licence, an application must be filed to the Register of Economic Activities. The application must be supported by required documents and information. As a rule, the Financial Intelligence Unit will provide the authorization within 30 days from receiving all necessary documents.

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Upon receiving the abovementioned licences the company is subject to the The Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act and shall therefore comply with the requirements set forth in the Act. Most importantly, the company will be responsible for the implementation of certain activities.

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The only bank in Estonia dealing with virtual currency businesses, has stated that they are only willing to open accounts for digital currency businesses that are already operating. However, we do cooperate with an international payment service provider that is willing to open accounts for Estonian companies that are involved with digital assets.

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At the moment, activities with virtual currencies, including tokens, are not subject to VAT; the goods, and services purchased/related to the mining are not entitled to deduct input tax.

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The Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) is of opinion that tokens, depending on their structure, might be considered as securities according to the definition set forth in the current Securities Market Act (SMA) as well as in the Law of Obligations Act (LOA). In assessing whether or not securities laws apply, the EFSA states that substance should be considered over form.

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