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Application Process


In order to get a cryptocurrency exchange licence, an application must be filed to the Register of Economic Activities. The application must be supported by required documents and information. As a rule, the Financial Intelligence Unit will provide the authorization within 30 days from receiving all necessary documents. The documents must be compliant to Estonian law and include internal rules of procedure and internal control rules (first draft prepared by us). The internal rules of procedure must describe how the company plans to assess and prevent the risk of money laundering and bring out the measures that are taken in order to verify the identity of their clients.

Necessary documents:

  •  A certificate of the criminal records database or an equal document issued by a competent judicial or administrative body of its country of origin is required. The above-mentioned document certifies the absence of a penalty for an offence against the authority of the state or a money laundering offence or another willfully committed criminal offence. The certificate cannot be older than 3 months and has to be provided in English or Russian. The certificate must be also notarized and apostilled/legalized (depending on the jurisdiction). 
  •  CVs of the persons involved with the company.

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