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Location-independent business with minimal cost and red tape

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Ease of doing business

Why has Estonia, this small country by the Baltic Sea, attracted so much attention in the business and digital innovation fields these past years? The keyword for business in Estonia is ‘simplicty’, some of it has been deliberate development and some just favourable conditions.

Since our independence in 1991, business in Estonia has largely reoriented from the east to the west. Long before joining the EU, Estonia adapted its legislation and business procedures to conditions in Western Europe. Businesses introduced Western accounting systems, gained Western quality certificates and, most importantly, Western business contacts. The new millenium has taken the country even further.

How has business in Estonia been made easy?

  • Pretty much everyone speaks English, with various other European languages like French, German and Russian that follow in popularity.
  • Liberal view on economics, both in government and business – the start-up and close-down of companies in Estonia is cheap and simple.
  • Paperless society – almost all official paperwork can be done online, even starting companies, paying taxes and opening bank accounts.
  • Smart work culture – the hiring and laying off of people in Estonia is regarded more as an open market agreement between employer and employee. Trade unions generally intervene only regarding the level of minimum wages.
  • Access to the EU – with free movement within the union and its associate countries, business in Estonia is a simple and lucrative gateway to business in whole Europe.

We can help you take the full advantage of it all

Let’s say you’re interested and doing business in Estonia seems like the chance of a lifetime. What should you do next? Start off with this handy overview of regulations and processes that you need to know in order to start a business in Estonia.

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