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Providing guidance and support for entrepreneurs looking to start and manage global ventures in Estonia

We foster a conscious entrepreneurial community, one driven by both business success and positive societal impact.

At Incorporate, our aim is to empower talented individuals to become successful entrepreneurs, no matter where they are.

Estonia’s innovative approach to business and e-residency makes it an attractive option. We’re your trusted partner in navigating Estonia’s business landscape, offering efficient and cost-effective business services. With us, you can focus on growing your business and achieving success.

Empowering entrepreneurs worldwide with Estonia's innovative business ecosystem

Meet the founder

In our vision, entrepreneurs aren't just business leaders; they are architects of positive change, weaving dreams into the fabric of society.

Richard was born and raised in a country where everything belonged to the state, and private ownership was prohibited. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the newly independent Republic of Estonia.

This journey has lasted for 30 years, and during this time, the Estonian business environment has undergone a remarkable transformation. What was once a society led by post-Soviet corrupt moguls has become a pioneer in digital innovation, where entrepreneurs can transform their talents into global business success.

This journey also includes personal growth into a conscious entrepreneur, recognizing that profit cannot be the sole focus, but rather a means to a higher purpose. Richard realised that by prioritising a higher purpose, individuals and organisations can align their actions with their values, contribute to the well-being of society, and make a meaningful impact on the world.

Our vision is to create a global community of conscious entrepreneurs who share a common goal: to drive positive change in the world. These individuals are not only driven by the pursuit of business success but also by a deep sense of responsibility to contribute positively to society.

Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to ethical business practices, our worldwide network of conscious entrepreneurs seeks to address pressing global challenges and make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.

Building a global community of conscious entrepreneurs


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Our mission

  • Conscious capitalism: Our mission underscores our commitment to conscious capitalism and stakeholder capitalism, where profit is not the sole focus but rather a means to a higher purpose.
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship: We acknowledge global challenges associated with entrepreneurship, its impact on society and the environment. Our mission is to raise awareness of these challenges, address them, and contribute to solutions.
  • Global community building: We emphasise that we’re not just a service provider but a community of conscious entrepreneurs. We seek to create value and support our members.
  • Estonia’s role: Our mission highlights Estonia’s innovative approach to fostering entrepreneurship through digital transformation and the creation of e-residency. We see Estonia as a model for promoting entrepreneurship, and our mission includes making these opportunities accessible to entrepreneurs worldwide.
  • Resource hub: We serve as comprehensive resource hub, providing guidance and support for entrepreneurs looking to launch and manage global ventures in Estonia.
  • Holistic business services: Our mission includes efficient and cost-effective business services for Estonian ventures, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on business growth. 

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If you share these mutual beliefs and want to contribute to the cause along with us, please do not hesitate to reach out.