Accounting services

When considering our accounting services, you have the flexibility to choose from two distinct pricing models, each tailored to meet your specific financial preferences and business needs.

Whether you prefer flexibility or predictability, our goal is to provide you with accounting services that align seamlessly with your business objectives.

1. Transaction-based pricing

2. Monthly accounting plans

Transaction-based pricing

With this approach, your costs are directly tied to the volume of transactions your business conducts. The more transactions you have, the higher your accounting expenses will be.

This pricing model offers flexibility and scalability, as you pay in direct proportion to your business’s activity. It’s an ideal choice if your transaction volumes vary significantly from month to month.


130€ / month

Suitable for a starting business


270€ / month

Suitable for a growing business


390€ / month

Suitable for an established business

Monthly accounting plans

Alternatively, you can opt for one of our monthly accounting plans. These plans provide you with a predictable, stable, and easily budgeted accounting cost.

This approach simplifies your financial planning, offering peace of mind, and ensuring that you can anticipate and control your accounting expenses effectively.

Our plans VisionVault, GrowthGenius, and BalanceMaster are each carefully designed to align with the distinct stages of your entrepreneurial venture. 

Compare plans VisionVault GrowthGenius BalanceMaster
Monthly sales and purchase invoices
Monthly sales and purchase invoices 10 40 120
Monthly VAT return filing
Monthly VAT return filing
Monthly income tax return filing
Monthly income tax return filing
Payroll accounting (fixed monthly salary)
Payroll accounting (fixed monthly salary) 2 employees 5 employees
Fixed asset accounting
Fixed asset accounting 5 units 15 units
Project-based accounting
Project-based accounting
Monthly KPI reports
Monthly KPI reports
Free benefits included in the plans if desired
Free benefits included in the plans if desired
Company formation and registered office
Company formation and registered office
Participation in our stakeholders initiative
Participation in our stakeholders initiative
Preparation and submission of the annual report
Preparation and submission of the annual report

Read our thorough overview of our accounting plans for more information.

Explore the specific features and benefits of each plan to determine the best fit for your business.

Who qualifies for our free benefits?

Company formation and registered office

Our accounting plans include free Estonian company establishment and a registered office service. Subscribing to our accounting plans and utilizing the registered office service does not necessitate e-residency.

However, if you are keen on our exclusive offer for free Estonian company formation, possessing an e-residency ID card is a prerequisite.

Read more about e-Residency  →

Participation in our stakeholders initiative

When you subscribe to any of our accounting plans, you automatically become a part of our stakeholders initiative unless you specifically decide to opt-out. This program grants you virtual shares in our company, allowing you to share in our financial success.

To participate, you must meet the eligibility criteria, including being 18 or older, with legal capacity, residing in the EEA or the UK. Eligible participants may also include companies or legal entities registered in these regions.

Read our post about the program

Preparation and submission of the annual report

This option is accessible for businesses that meet the micro-enterprise criteria, as defined by the Estonian Accounting Act. Micro-enterprises typically have simpler financial structures, resulting in less complex reporting.

Additionally, we offer these free services to ease the financial burden on smaller businesses, encouraging their growth.

See our FAQ for the micro-enterprise definition

Fee schedule

If you haven’t found a suitable accounting plan that satisfies your current requirements, or if your company has specific needs, you can opt for an accounting service based on transaction-based pricing.

Take a look at the pricing list below and reach out to us to receive a custom offer.

Company formation & management services

In addition to our accounting services, we can assist you with company formation and management.


Cost-efficiency: Hiring an accountant in Estonia costs around 1600 euros per month on average. Our priciest plan is four times cheaper than employing an accountant, and our startup accounting plan is 12 times more cost-effective.

Expertise on demand: An in-house accountant provides one person’s expertise, whereas outsourcing to us grants access to our company’s comprehensive accounting knowledge and skills.

Uninterrupted service: In-house accountants require recruitment, training, and can leave gaps when on sick leave or vacation. With our accounting services, your support remains uninterrupted even if a specific accountant is unavailable.

Free company formation and contact person service are provided as part of every membership plan. This means that regardless of the level or type of membership chosen, these services are included without any additional cost.

In such cases, our regular price list applies:

  • 0 – 200 entries per month = 0.78 euros per entry
  • 200 or more entries per month = 0.71 euros per entry

According to the Estonian Accounting Act, a micro-enterprise refers to a limited liability company that meets the following criteria on the balance sheet date:

  • Total assets up to 175,000 euros
  • Liabilities not exceeding equity
  • The company has a sole shareholder who also serves as a member of the management board
  • Sales revenue for the financial year is up to 50,000 euros

If you require a service that is not included in the plan, we will send you our price list along with a quote in advance. If the offer is suitable, the additional service will be invoiced based on our standard price list.

Consultation services are not included in the membership plan price. However, we do respond to occasional individual questions without issuing a separate invoice.

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