Estonia: a green and cleantech paradise in 2023

In 2023, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, proudly holds the prestigious title of European Green Capital. This recognition highlights the city’s commitment to biodiversity, sustainable governance, and eco-innovation.

Let’s see why Tallinn was chosen as the European Green Capital for 2023 and what exciting initiatives are still to come.

Green innovation hub: where tech meets sustainability

Tallinn, Estonia, isn’t just about historical charm; it’s also a hotspot for cutting-edge innovation. The city’s recent recognition as the European Green Capital for 2023 is a testament to its commitment to sustainability and eco-innovation.

Estonian unicorns: more than just fairy tale creatures

Tallinn is renowned for its thriving information technology sector, and it’s home to several Estonian unicorns – startups valued at over $1 billion. These tech companies aren’t just making waves locally; they’re impacting the world.

Did you know that Bolt, a mobility company that offers ride-hailing, micromobility rental, food and grocery delivery, and carsharing services, was born in Estonia and is headquartered in Tallinn?

This is just one example of Tallinn’s tech prowess, setting it apart as a Green Innovation Hub.

Greentech week: a celebration of eco-innovation

One of the highlights of Tallinn’s Green Capital year is the annual Greentech Week in November. This event features a series of international gatherings that promote eco-innovation and cooperation in green technology.

During this week, Tallinn hosts events like the Cleantech Forum Europe, Greentech Expo, Green Tiger Conference, and the Smart City Convention. These gatherings bring together visionaries and experts who are shaping the future of sustainable technology.

Smart solutions testing: a journey towards sustainable mobility

Tallinn has launched the “Test it in Tallinn” initiative, an exciting endeavour that invites companies to test their smart solutions. This initiative primarily focuses on two critical aspects: urban mobility and energy efficiency.

Imagine self-driving vehicles seamlessly navigating Tallinn’s streets. Companies like Clevon, Starship robots, and AuveTech are pushing the boundaries of innovation, making Tallinn a hub for smart mobility solutions.

Sustainable partnerships: collaborating for a greener future

Tallinn understands that sustainability isn’t achieved in isolation. The city collaborates with various organizations to promote sustainability in multiple aspects of life.

From environmentally friendly event guidelines to serving sustainable green dishes in local restaurants, Tallinn’s commitment to eco-friendliness goes beyond its borders.

Rich biodiversity: nature’s treasure trove

Tallinn isn’t just about concrete jungles; it’s a city that embraces nature. With over 2100 hectares of protected areas, Tallinn boasts an astonishing wealth of biodiversity.

Diverse landscapes, including parks, forests, rivers, lakes, sandy beaches, and even its own island, make Tallinn a haven for nature enthusiasts. During the Green Capital year, the city is laser-focused on restoring and protecting this unique biodiversity.

Innovative urban solutions: greening the concrete jungle

Tallinn’s “Green Tracks” programme is a shining example of how the city aims to revitalize urban areas while increasing biodiversity and ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for everyone.

One exciting aspect of this initiative is the transformation of Tallinn’s historic Town Hall Square into a vibrant pop-up park. Visitors can now wander amidst cobblestones, immersed in lush greenery—a true urban oasis.

Climate-sensitive spatial objects: where art meets sustainability

Students from the Estonian Academy of Arts are playing a crucial role in enhancing the cityscape. They are crafting spatial objects that not only add to the aesthetics of the city but also blend climate sensitivity into urban design.

Coastal revival: a year-round oasis by the Baltic Sea

Tallinn has ambitious plans to rejuvenate the coastal area near the cruise terminal. This transformation will offer residents and guests a splendid year-round experience, complete with saunas and swimming facilities. It’s another step towards making Tallinn a sustainable and enjoyable place to live and visit.

Conclusion: Tallinn’s commitment to a green future

Tallinn’s designation as the European Green Capital for 2023 reflects its commitment to sustainability, biodiversity, and eco-innovation. This Estonian city stands as an example of how urban life and environmental consciousness can coexist harmoniously.

As Tallinn paves the way for green and cleantech initiatives, the rest of the world can look to this European Green Capital for inspiration. It’s not just about being green; it’s about being smart, sustainable, and forward-thinking.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Tallinn’s journey towards a greener and cleaner future. Visit the European Green Capital of 2023 and witness the magic of a city that’s redefining urban living.

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