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Richard Barrett’s exploration of people awareness offers an insightful look into the evolution of our collective psychological development. It presents a worldview that is focused on inclusivity through equality and the eradication of elitism. Conscious entrepreneurship involves an understanding of our impact on society, the environment, and the economy, and how these three elements can work together in a positive and sustainable way.

People awareness plays an essential role in creating a conscious entrepreneurial mindset that values empathy, equality, and social responsibility. In this blog post, we will explore people awareness in the context of conscious entrepreneurship and how it can help shape a more sustainable and equitable world.


The worldview of people awareness emerged during the French Revolution, and further developments were made in the 19th century with the abolition of slavery and the granting of voting rights to women. The concept of inclusivity through equality is central to this worldview, and it seeks to eradicate elitism and class systems. This worldview has also led to the recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples and the acceptance of refugees from nations operating from state awareness. Additionally, gender and racial equality are regarded as important in this worldview, and significant attention is given to animal protection.

How people awareness shows up today

In nations operating from the worldview of people awareness, governments focus on social welfare programs that emphasize satisfying citizens’ survival, safety, and security needs. Political correctness is considered essential for proper relations, and conflicts are avoided through dialogue and consensus. Justice is focused on the rehabilitation of wrongdoers rather than punishment. Education places emphasis on emotional intelligence and relationship management. Health and healing are oriented towards alternative, non-invasive natural medicine and psychotherapeutic therapies that focus on the mind-body linkage.

The cosmology of people awareness

People awareness heralded a significant cosmological shift as spirituality became an essential part of this worldview. Spirituality unites people from different faiths by focusing on shared values rather than beliefs that separate them. In addition to promoting equal treatment of people of different religions, this worldview promotes equal treatment of people of different genders, people of different sexual orientations, and people of different ethnicities. However, spirituality can be hijacked by well-educated gurus seeking fame and fortune, using their knowledge of the spiritual world to make money through the vehicle of the self-help movement.

Behavioural characteristics

The principal behavioural markers of the worldview of people awareness include democracy through multi-party coalitions, focus on social welfare, no tolerance for elitism, redistribution of income to raise the level of well-being for all people, regard for women and men as equals, consensus and open dialogues, focus on emotional intelligence, no capital punishment, support for the underprivileged and disenfranchised, no discrimination in any form, and focus on health prevention and alternative healing modalities.

The transition to humanity awareness

The transition from the worldview of people awareness to the worldview of humanity awareness will occur when people act together to force their governments to address cross-border global issues of climate change, people trafficking, international crime, human rights, and the elimination of global poverty. Humanity awareness will introduce new forms of internet-based democracy that allow people of all ages to participate in policymaking.

From inclusivity to empathy: harnessing people awareness to foster conscious entrepreneurship

The worldview of people awareness is a critical step towards creating a conscious entrepreneurial mindset that values empathy, equality, and social responsibility. It offers a blueprint for creating a more sustainable and equitable world that benefits everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. As conscious entrepreneurs, we can draw inspiration from people awareness to create businesses that are not just focused on profits but also contribute to the well-being of society and the environment. By incorporating the principles of this worldview into our business practices, we can create a more just and equitable world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


In summary, the worldview of people awareness has played a significant role in our collective psychological development, and it offers valuable insights into conscious entrepreneurship. As conscious entrepreneurs, we have the power to make a positive impact on society and the environment by incorporating the principles of inclusivity through equality, social responsibility, and empathy into our business practices. Let us work towards creating a more sustainable and equitable world for everyone, one conscious business at a time.

Examples of people awareness in different historical periods

  1. French Revolution: The French Revolution was a major event that marked the beginning of the worldview of people awareness. It was a time of great social upheaval, and the revolutionaries sought to establish a new order based on the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity.
  2. 19th century humanitarian movements: The 19th century saw a surge in humanitarian movements, including the abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage, and child labor laws. These movements were rooted in the idea of inclusivity through equality, and they sought to eradicate elitism and oppression.
  3. Civil Rights Movement: The Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s was a significant development in the history of people awareness. It was a time when people of color in the United States began to demand equal rights and an end to racial segregation.
  4. LGBTQ+ Rights Movement: The LGBTQ+ Rights Movement is another example of this worldview in action. It is a movement that seeks to end discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  5. Black Lives Matter Movement: The Black Lives Matter Movement is a recent example of this worldview in action. It is a movement that seeks to end police brutality and systemic racism against Black people in the United States.

These examples demonstrate how people awareness has been a driving force behind many social and political movements throughout history.

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