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Virtual office services in one of the most digitally savvy countries

When establishing a legal presence and a contact location abroad, it is crucial to entrust this obligation to the best. Professional virtual office services do not mean only having an address and a phone number, but offering a specialized and committed intermediary between your business and local proceedings.

Every month brings new headlines in international media about smart business solutions or startups in Estonia. Here, pretty much everything is or can be digital, Google’s Consumer Barometer shows that 81% of the population is online.

But what does this mean for virtual office services?

Virtual office services in Estonia

It does not only mean we are likely to be really good at computers, e-mails and phonecalls. Incorporate in Estonia offers a comprehensive virtual office service, which, besides having a local address and phone number, can include:

  • A service of choice with answering calls – besides simply transferring the call, we can take messages for you ourselves and when needed, translate it into the required language.
  • Managing your mail – any mail addressed to you we can open, translate and transfer according to your needs.
  • Notices on deadlines and special requirements – we keep track of all procedural requirements involving your business
  • Local know-how – specialising in services offered to entrepreneurs from abroad allows us an insight to any questions that you might have about conducting business in Estonia

But being digitally savvy means using convenient and reliable tools available online in everyday life. It is an emerging standard for services offered in Estonia to involve e-literacy, which is perfect for managing a virtual office.

Paper-free business

Virtual office services in Estonia are a particularly trustworthy choice, since there is very little that could get lost in the information flow. Most tax and business procedures are conducted online, enabling us to give you a complete overview of everything with mere mouse-clicks. What is more, even starting a business can be done entirely online.

Caught your interest, got questions? Contact us now!

By Richard J. Witismann on 14 September, 2016