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Registered address and contact person service

All Estonian companies must have an Estonian address and all Estonian companies managed from abroad must appoint a contact person. Until 2018 it was not allowed to manage Estonian companies from abroad. Since January 15th, 2018 the location of an Estonian company may also be in a foreign country. In case the management board is located in a foreign country, a reliable contact person must be appointed and entered into the commercial register to whom the procedural documents may be delivered in Estonia. A contact person is a passive representative of the company and does not have the right to make any declarations of intent on behalf of the company.

According to the law a notary’s office, a law or audit firm, or a licenced trust and company service provider may be designated as a contact person. The address of the contact person shall be considered the address of the company in such case. As a company service provider we provide a registered address and contact person service in conformity with the Commercial Code to Estonian companies whose management board is located in a foreign country.