Bürokratt: the Estonian AI revolutionizing state-citizen communication


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Estonia stands out for its innovative approach, reshaping the connection between the state, its citizens, and artificial intelligence. Ott Velsberg, the Chief Data Officer of Estonia’s Digital Government, once said, “Bürokratt is not just an IT project but a concept of how digital services and the state could operate in the age of artificial intelligence.”

Let’s take a look at Bürokratt, a remarkable Estonian-made AI, exploring its aims, impact, and the future it promises.

Bürokratt – more than just tech

A vision for effortless state-citizen communication

Bürokratt isn’t merely a piece of technology; it embodies a visionary approach to transform how the state interacts with its people. Ott Velsberg emphasized that the project aims to provide the “best possible digital state experience” to enhance communication between the state, entrepreneurs, and citizens.

These aspirations have not gone unnoticed, as UNESCO’s International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) has recognized Bürokratt as one of the world’s top 100 AI projects.

Sustainability and Privacy at the Core

A significant aspect of Bürokratt is its sustainability and privacy features. It is designed to be a scalable and secure artificial intelligence solution for handling human data. The ultimate goal is to make Estonia more efficient, customer-friendly, and people-oriented while maintaining the highest privacy standards. Velsberg believes these ideals are driving international attention towards the project.

Simplifying state-citizen communication

Bürokratt’s chat solution

The journey towards achieving Bürokratt’s vision is well underway. The chat solution, which is currently being tested in the Consumer Protection and Technical Surveillance Authority’s service environment (TTJA), serves as a vital step for gathering data and training the AI.

This innovation is a cornerstone of making state-citizen communication effortless.

Access to public services and information

Bürokratt’s final product will revolutionize how citizens access public services and information. It aims to provide round-the-clock access to a myriad of services, inform citizens about state benefits, and address queries and concerns. This not only simplifies processes but enhances the accessibility of government services.

Expanding Bürokratt’s network

In the coming months, Bürokratt will broaden its horizons by implementing a complete version, including a chat function and a robot, for institutions like the Police and Border Guard Board and the National Library. The plan is to connect Bürokratt with an array of public services, ensuring it becomes an integral part of the citizen experience.

A full package for citizens

The vision for Bürokratt is comprehensive. Beyond basic state-citizen communication, it envisions aiding in diverse situations, such as car accidents where citizens might need to contact insurance companies or emergency services. Bürokratt aims to be a versatile companion for citizens in various scenarios.

Crossing borders with Bürokratt

Beyond national boundaries

Bürokratt’s ambitions extend beyond Estonian borders. It aims to provide cross-border services, seeking partnerships within the European Union to implement the Bürokratt software. This vision transcends national interests, focusing on collaborative solutions for the benefit of the broader European community.

Acknowledging achievement

Ott Velsberg takes pride in Bürokratt’s achievements. He acknowledges that Bürokratt is already quite capable, reflecting the dedication and innovation behind this Estonian AI project. This recognition is a testament to Estonia’s prowess in the field of artificial intelligence.

AI in the public sector

Velsberg has been leading the charge in implementing AI within the public sector since 2018. His goal has been to automate routine tasks, allowing people to engage in more complex and meaningful activities. AI is now used for tasks such as translation, transcription, automating customer services, data-based decision-making, and tackling issues like tax fraud.

The synergy of public and private sectors

The success of Bürokratt and Estonia’s AI endeavors relies on close collaboration with the private sector. Companies like Texta OÜ play an integral role in developing software solutions to make Bürokratt more effective and efficient. Rain Rang, Member of the Board at NetGroup, highlights their contribution to teaching algorithms various contexts, making the AI even more versatile.

Estonia’s AI prowess

A pioneering nation in AI

Estonia’s success in AI is remarkable, with three Estonian projects featured in UNESCO’s list of the top 100 best AI projects globally. This achievement underscores Estonia’s leading role in the field. Bürokratt, automation of investment promotion at Invest Estonia, and the software platform Bitskout are testament to Estonia’s innovation.

The birth of “EstonAI”

Estonia’s current success in AI, coupled with its 300+ AI startups, suggests a bright future for “EstonAI.” The nation is well-positioned to continue making waves in the AI landscape, setting new standards for the rest of the world.


Bürokratt is more than an AI project; it is a testament to Estonia’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in the digital age. Its vision of seamless state-citizen communication, sustainability, and cross-border collaboration is a beacon of hope for the future. Estonia’s rise in the AI world is not just a national pride but a global inspiration.


What is the primary goal of Bürokratt?

Bürokratt aims to simplify state-citizen communication, make public services more accessible, and ensure privacy when processing human data.

How is Bürokratt planning to expand its services?

Bürokratt intends to connect with various public institutions and provide services through multiple channels, including chat, voice-based communication, and cross-border collaborations within the European Union.

What recognition has Bürokratt received on the global stage?

Bürokratt is recognized as one of the top 100 AI projects in the world by UNESCO’s International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI).

How does the private sector contribute to Bürokratt’s success?

Collaboration with companies like Texta OÜ and NetGroup plays a pivotal role in developing Bürokratt’s capabilities, teaching algorithms various contexts and enhancing its efficiency.

Why is Estonia often referred to as “EstonAI”?

Estonia’s remarkable success in AI, coupled with a thriving ecosystem of over 300 AI startups, positions the nation as a leader in AI innovation, often dubbed “EstonAI.”

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