Understanding the Estonian startup visa: a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs and startups

What is the Estonian startup visa?

Estonia, known for its digital innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, offers a unique opportunity for non-EU startup founders and employees: the Estonian startup visa. This program is designed to help innovative, tech-driven startups from outside the European Union to establish or grow their business in Estonia, a country renowned for its robust digital infrastructure and startup-friendly ecosystem.

But what exactly makes the Estonian startup visa stand out? In a nutshell, it eases the process for qualifying startups to operate in Estonia and for these companies to hire talented non-EU individuals. If you have a product or service that embodies innovation and scalability, this visa could be your ticket to international growth.


To tap into the opportunities of the Estonian startup visa, it’s crucial to understand the eligibility criteria. Estonia recognizes a startup as a technology-based business that is innovative, scalable, and has achieved its minimum viable product (MVP) and initial traction.

But how do you determine if your business fits this definition? The key lies in evaluating your business model and its potential for global expansion. Think along the lines of groundbreaking tech giants like Airbnb and Uber – businesses that have revolutionized industries and reached millions globally. Traditional businesses like restaurants or small consultancies don’t typically fall under the “startup” umbrella in this context.

Startup visa talent in Estonia

Estonia’s startup ecosystem is compact yet powerful, home to a diverse range of knowledge and innovation. The country’s 45,000 square meters of startup space is a melting pot of global ideas and talent, particularly catering to non-EU innovators who bring fresh perspectives and skills to the table.

Qualifying as a founder

As a founder, your path to the startup visa requires a few essential elements:

  • A tech-driven vision: Your business must be rooted in technology, aiming to disrupt and serve at a large scale.
  • Startup Committee approval: Your startup must be recognized by the Startup Committee, a group well-versed in identifying true innovation.
  • Financial stability: You’ll need at least €800 per month to support your stay in Estonia, although a comfortable life there may require more.

Does your startup qualify?

Determining your eligibility is straightforward. Use online tools to assess your startup’s compliance with the criteria and find areas for improvement. Application to the Startup Committee is akin to pitching to an investor or applying for an accelerator program – detailed and convincing.

Startup visa evaluation process

The decision-making process for the Estonian startup visa is swift and efficient. The Startup Committee, comprising members actively involved in Estonia’s startup scene, reviews applications and typically responds within 10 working days. Successful applicants receive a verification letter and a unique application code, crucial for the next steps.

Applying for the visa and/or residence permit

Upon verification, the next step is determining whether you need a visa to enter Estonia. This involves either applying for a Schengen D visa at an Estonian embassy or, if you’re visa-exempt, entering Estonia and then applying for the visa at the Police Board. For those looking to settle, applying for a temporary residence permit for business is the way forward.

Required documents for visa application

Your visa application must include several key documents:

  • A valid travel document
  • Completed online visa application form
  • Confirmation letter from the Startup Committee
  • A recent color photo
  • Proof of paid state fee (€100.00)
  • Insurance policy
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Confirmation of accommodation in Estonia
  • Travel bookings to Estonia

Pro tips for a smooth application process

  • Review all required documents on the embassy website before your appointment.
  • Opt for flexible travel arrangements.
  • Include a cover letter outlining your educational, career background, and business intentions in Estonia.

Bringing your family

The Estonian startup visa extends to immediate family members, ensuring that you can embark on this entrepreneurial journey with your loved ones.

Employer application

For Estonian startups, the startup visa is a gateway to global talent. The process to hire non-EU employees is streamlined, promoting diversity and growth within the company.

Steps for hiring non-EU talent

  • Check if your startup is pre-included for preferential hiring terms.
  • If not, seek approval from the Startup Committee.
  • Enjoy benefits like no immigration quota and a simplified employment registration process.

Navigating the Hiring Process

  1. Register for short-term employment if the employee has legal stay.
  2. Determine the need for a Schengen D-visa.
  3. Secure a temporary residence permit for the employee.
  4. Register post-residency address and tax residency.

The scale-up visa

For growing Estonian companies, the Scale-Up Visa further simplifies the process of hiring non-EU talent, offering similar benefits and a streamlined application process.

Process for scale-up companies

  • Check if your company qualifies as a scale-up.
  • Follow the necessary steps to hire non-EU employees, including visa and residence permit applications.


The Estonian Startup and Scale-Up Visas represent a significant opportunity for non-EU entrepreneurs and startups to tap into the vibrant and innovative Estonian business landscape. By understanding and navigating the application process effectively, startups can leverage Estonia’s thriving digital ecosystem to scale their business and attract global talent.


What are the financial requirements for the Estonian startup visa?

Applicants must prove financial stability with at least €800 per month for their stay in Estonia. However, considering living costs, a higher budget is recommended for a comfortable stay.

Can family members accompany me on a startup visa?

Yes, immediate family members can accompany the primary visa holder to Estonia under the startup visa program.

What are the benefits of hiring non-EU talent for Estonian startups?

Hiring non-EU talent under the startup visa program offers benefits like no immigration quota, no minimum salary requirement, and a simplified employment registration process.

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