Solving nonstandard business issues

Company formation and management in Estonia

Remote business management

Start a location-independent business with minimal cost and red tape

A fully digital end-to-end service

Complex ownership structures with multiple shareholders

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Virtual office

The growth in the use of mobile devices and social technologies means the office can be almost anywhere. Virtual offices create an opportunity for people to work whenever they like from wherever they are. We can provide you the full virtual office package, with business address, mail handling, and telephone answering.

Know-how and support for establishing a business in Estonia

We provide local knowledge so that you do not need to spend time on researching specific jurisdiction in depth. Our employees have broad expertise in Estonian and European Union laws, taxes, economy, market situation and local practice of business relations.

Wide range of virtual office services

We offer a range of services to establish a legal presence and official contact location for your company in Estonia. We provide a reliable and efficient facility for forwarding your commercial mail, fax delivery and telephone calls.

Local address and phone number

For Estonian companies you will need a registered office address where legal and statutory documents can be received and brought quickly to the attention of the directors. You can get the Estonian address as well as phone number quickly and easily from us.  

Call answering service

To guarantee answers to the calls coming to your local number, we also provide a call answering service together with a phone number. According to agreements and the content of the call, we take the message or transfer the call. If needed, we will translate the message left into your requested language. The phone calls coming to your Estonian number can be also directly transferred to you without answering, if required.

Mail opening, translation and forwarding service

We receive the mail sent to your Estonian address. We forward a brief summary of the incoming correspondence and documents to you. If needed, we scan the texts or send these by mail. Also, we can translate all documents sent to you into your requested language. So you will always keep up with the information having arrived at your company’s address.

Reminders and other questions

Keeping posted up with important dates, we can send you the reminders on the submission of reports and procedural time-limits. We also assist in various issues that might arise in Estonia or by running an Estonian business.