Incorporate´s stakeholders initiative: a new chapter in business engagement and rewards

Understanding the stakeholders initiative

In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, the concept of ‘having a stake’ in a company you admire is no longer a distant dream. With the advent of Incorporate’s stakeholders initiative, the boundaries of traditional business engagement are being redefined. Imagine being a part of a company’s success, not as a passive observer but as an active contributor. That’s what this initiative is all about.

The stakeholders initiative introduces a novel way of involving individuals like you in the fabric of a company’s operations and success. It’s akin to being a part-owner, yet without the complexity and financial burden of buying actual shares. It’s a groundbreaking approach that blends the excitement of being an integral part of a business with the satisfaction of being recognized for your commitment.

The concept of non-purchase stakes

The beauty of this initiative lies in its simplicity and accessibility. These stakes are not purchased; they are earned through your dedication and contributions to the company.

Each stake you receive is a token of appreciation, unique to you, and non-transferable. This ensures that the rewards and recognition you receive are as personal as your contribution to the company.

The stakeholders agreement

Upon joining the initiative, you enter into a contract with the company. This agreement outlines your rights, similar to those of a traditional shareholder. It includes details on your participation, the terms for payouts, and the conditions under which you can expect dividends or payments. This agreement is your ticket to a deeper, more meaningful engagement with the company.

The participant experience

Beyond annual shareholder meetings

What sets the stakeholders initiative apart is the level of involvement it offers. You’re not just a name on a shareholders’ list; you’re an active participant in the company’s journey. Unlike typical shareholders who might only engage annually, as a participant, you have the chance to apply your talents and insights on a more regular and influential basis.

Earning more stakes

The path to earning more stakes is simple yet impactful. You engage in activities crucial to the company’s growth, like using services to increase revenue, expanding the customer base through referrals, participating in community events, or contributing online content and ideas. The company tracks these actions, rewarding those who stand out in these areas.

The journey begins

Your journey starts with a commitment, perhaps through subscribing to a service or engaging in marketing initiatives. Once you’ve shown your dedication, the company grants you stakes and welcomes you to the stakeholders initiative. This process is seamlessly managed via the KOOS platform, where you finalize your profile and accept the terms.

Reaping the benefits

As a participant, you’re not just a bystander in the company’s achievements; you’re a part of them. Your share in the company’s success grows as it meets its goals. When dividends are distributed to shareholders, you receive comparable payouts. Additionally, as the company hits revenue milestones, you’re eligible for rewards per stake held, detailed on the platform.

The impact of your participation

A win-win for you and the company

The Incorporate stakeholders Initiative is not just a program; it’s a partnership. By actively participating and leveraging your abilities, you contribute significantly to the company’s growth.

In return, you enjoy the financial rewards of its success. It’s a symbiotic relationship where your growth and the company’s growth go hand in hand.

Enhancing financial situations

This initiative opens up a world of financial opportunities. As you help the company reach its goals, your financial stake in its success increases. It’s a journey that not only allows you to contribute to a company you believe in but also to reap the rewards of its achievements.

Embarking on a rewarding adventure

As a participant in the Stakeholders Initiative, you’re embarking on an exhilarating adventure. It’s a journey filled with opportunities, challenges, and rewards. Your active participation shapes not just the company’s future but also your own financial destiny.


Incorporate’s stakeholders initiative marks a new era in business engagement. It offers a unique blend of involvement, recognition, and reward, previously unheard of in the corporate world.

By participating in this initiative, you don’t just watch a company grow; you grow with it. It’s a journey of collaboration, growth, and success – a journey you don’t want to miss.


How does the stakeholders initiative differ from traditional shareholding?

Unlike traditional shareholding where shares are purchased, stakes in the stakeholders initiative are earned through active participation and contributions to the company. These stakes offer similar benefits to shares but are more accessible and personalized.

What kind of activities can earn me more stakes?

You can earn more stakes by engaging in activities that aid the company’s growth, such as using its services, referring new customers, participating in community events, or contributing ideas and content online.

Are the stakes I earn transferable to others?

No, the stakes you earn are non-transferable. This ensures that the rewards and recognition you receive are directly tied to your personal contributions to the company.

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