Join the community of conscious entrepreneurs through Incorporate's stakeholders initiative!

Are you a visionary entrepreneur looking to make a lasting impact on the world?

Join us in shaping the future of business through Incorporate’s stakeholders initiative. This exclusive program is designed for individuals who believe that the future of entrepreneurship is conscious, social, and inclusive.

What is Incorporate's stakeholders initiative?

Our stakeholders initiative is a program designed to recognize and reward our customers and partners who align with our mission and actively contribute to our objectives.

Within this framework, we issue virtual shares to those who play a pivotal role in our accomplishments and success. We firmly believe that the age of exclusive ownership benefiting a select few is in the past.

In the future, vibrant communities will form the foundation of every prosperous enterprise, flourishing in collaboration with contributors, customers, and stakeholders, collectively shaping the path to success.

Earn virtual shares as a token of gratitude for your engagement

Consider our virtual share as a digital token of gratitude, a testament to your engagement with our services. By joining our accounting plans, which offer services valued at 130, 270, or 390 euros per month, you automatically start accumulating virtual shares.

For every 10 euros you spend on services, you'll earn one virtual share.

You can earn additional shares through two distinct activities:

  • By contributing to our marketing initiatives
  • By providing feedback on our services to enhance their quality

Take a look at our accounting plans and make a conscious decision to join the community.

Why collect our virtual shares?

There are compelling reasons to collect our virtual shares

  • You benefit from the services you use and have the chance to convert your virtual shares into actual money.
  • As a collector of virtual shares, you have a direct avenue to influence the company’s development.
  • The value of each virtual share grows alongside the company.
  • You become a part of the Incorporate community, receiving firsthand news, updates, and exclusive offers.
  •  You support our mission of amplifying the global impact of conscious entrepreneurs.

The rights of a virtual shareholder

You will have similar rights to actual shareholders

  • The right to be informed about our company’s activities and achievements.
  • The right to dividend-like payouts. You receive compensation when shareholders receive dividends or when we achieve specific revenue milestones.
  • The right to receive compensation when our shareholders sell our company.
  • The right to receive compensation when our company is liquidated.

Where are these shares stored?

We’ve partnered with, a platform that simplifies the allocation of virtual shares based on your contributions. As you accumulate virtual shares through engagement with our services, you can easily track them on the platform.

But, what about...

We are issuing a total of 10 million virtual shares, equating to a 10% stake in E-Advisors OÜ.

A virtual shareholder becomes eligible for dividend-like payouts when the common shareholders allocate dividends to themselves. Additionally, these payouts are defined in conjunction with specific milestones.

Upon reaching the following milestones, we will initiate payouts as follows: when the cumulative revenue since the launch of this program reaches 1,000,000 euros, 2,000,000 euros, 4,000,000 euros, and 8,000,000 euros, we will pay virtual shareholders an amount determined at that time on the platform for each virtual share held by you.

No, collecting virtual shares incurs no financial obligations or risks. They are earned through your use of our services.

Your consistent feedback helps us refine our services, enhancing our competitive edge.

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose when and how you engage in virtual share collection.

Together, we can shape a future where success is shared, and purpose-driven businesses thrive.