Empowering sustainable change: Impact Day 2023 Tallinn festival

The Impact Day 2023 Tallinn Festival is the largest and most influential sustainability festival in the Baltics, providing an opportunity for like-minded individuals from Estonia and beyond to gather and exchange ideas on how to address the challenges facing the world today. Occurring on October 5-6, 2023, at the Põhjala factory in Tallinn, Estonia, the festival aims to establish sustainable practices as the new standard in the region.

Why should you come?

Participating in the Impact Day 2023 Tallinn Festival offers a comprehensive opportunity to connect with an international community of influencers, entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals interested in sustainability. With over 100 inspiring speakers, practical workshops, discussions, panels, and pitching competitions, you can get inspired, learn cool examples from Estonia and abroad, acquire new skills, and create valuable contacts and collaborations.

By being part of like-minded people, you can break the feeling of being a lone solution seeker and understand how to create an even greater positive impact, including how to keep your company’s footprint as small as possible. The festival’s entertaining cultural program and diverse program of events provide an impressive energy that will leave you with lasting inspiration and a network of like-minded individuals.


The Impact Day 2023 festival offers a diverse program with over 100 speakers from Baltic’s most impactful sustainable organizations, trainers, and influencers. The main theme of the festival is “Sustainability – (im)possible?” and features three stages: Impact Stage for engaging debates and pitches, Sustainability Stage for skill development, and Inspiration Stage for inspiring stories.

The festival also includes an expo area with over 40 sustainable organizations, five practical workshops, and entertainment with a cultural program. Attendees can learn about reducing their personal footprint, investing, marketing, management, empathy, and more. The festival offers discounted tickets with virtual access to the festival and recordings, and attendees can sign up for a newsletter with updates and valuable content on sustainability and creating impact.

About the venue

Impact Day 2023 takes place at Põhjala Factory located in Tallinn, Estonia. The venue is 10.5 km from Tallinn Airport, 8.4 km from the city’s central bus station and 6.4 km from the central railway station of Tallinn. The Põhjala Factory is a community-focused location where the future is in progress and history is being written. It allows the urban jungle to flourish and revives the old rubber boot factory while keeping its authenticity and atmosphere.

The factory hosts a variety of events, from concerts to markets and festivals, and it is a place where everyone can fit in. The Impact Day expo area is the Mecca of sustainability, where over 40 impact and responsible businesses can showcase themselves to gain new clients or cooperation partners. With a VIP ticket, attendees can access backstage and have the possibility to meet privately with top speakers.

Impact Day’s location and community focus make it a perfect venue for a festival dedicated to creating a positive impact on the world.

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How Impact Day helps to achieve the UN’s SDG’s based on the 2022 event

Goal #1, #2 & #10: No poverty, zero hunger & Reduced inequalities.

  • Impact Day 2022 offered 100 refugees from Ukraine the opportunity to attend the event.
  • Guests were encouraged to bring their own food boxes and could take leftover food with them.

Goal #3: Good health and well-being

  • No alcohol was served at the festival, and only vegan food was available from food trucks.
  • The event included mental and physical breaks and offered tips to stimulate people’s senses.

Goal #4: Quality education

  • Students, teachers, and lecturers were offered a discount code, and at least one session was recorded for potential use as educational material in schools.

Goal #5: Gender equality

  • The event achieved numerical equality between male and female attendees.

Goal #6: Clean water and sanitation

  • Tallinna Vesi offered free tap water at the festival, and reusable glasses were provided.

Goal #7: Affordable and clean energy

  • All the energy used at the festival was green energy.

Goal #8 & #9: Decent work and economic growth & Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

  • The festival focused on sustainability, including people’s mental health and the environment.
  • The festival’s organizing team prioritized getting full hours of sleep to ensure people’s satisfaction and create sustainable economic growth.

Goal #11: Sustainable cities and communities

  • The festival took place in the Põhjala factory, in the middle of the community, and offered multiple sustainable transportation options.

Goal #12: Responsible consumption and production

  • The festival minimized the consumption of disposable items, sorted garbage, and rented and reused decorations and furniture.

Goal #13: Climate action

  • The festival worked to minimize its carbon footprint and is improving its efforts for the upcoming event.

Goal #16 & #17: Peace, justice, and strong institutions; Partnerships for the goals

  • The festival was co-organized by 14 organizations, and the content and challenges were shared among them.

Goal #18: The vitality of the cultural space

  • Only Estonian artists performed at the event, including a hearing-impaired dance troupe.

Overall, Impact Day promotes sustainability, inclusivity, and well-being while addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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