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Bank account opening assistance

One of the key issues upon establishing and running an operating company is the existence of a bank account. For this purpose, we offer bank account opening assistance, taking into account the specifics of each client’s business activities.

e-Residents and companies engaged in global business

For clients who are engaged in global business without local business connections and presence in Estonia, we suggest using the services of FinTech companies (payment service providers), such as Transferwise  etc. In these cases we provide our clients an introduction of various service providers and assistance during the registration process.

Companies with strong business connections with Estonia

For companies with strong business ties with Estonia or for companies entering the Estonian market, we offer consultation and assistance during the application for the bank account opening at our partnering bank. Our service includes assistance with the filling of the application and reviewal of the client’s initial business plan.

Companies dealing with crypto-assets

In cooperation with a well-known and respected international payment service provider, we offer solutions for crypto-related clients who are applying for licences for the provision of services related to virtual currencies, or plan to conduct an initial coin offering (ICO).


Kindly note that the success of opening a company’s bank or payment account depends on the data and  information provided by the client. We are able to put our best efforts and previous experience in order to achieve your aims, but the final decision is made by the bank or payment service provider.  


If you would like assistance with opening a bank or payment account, then please email us at or contact us here.