Empowerment through virtual shares: join Incorporate’s revolutionary stakeholders initiative!

Are you ready to embark on a journey that not only offers financial gains but also empowers you to have a real say in the company’s direction? Welcome to Incorporate’s groundbreaking initiative – the chance to earn virtual shares and be an active participant in our journey towards success. And these aren’t just numbers on a screen; they symbolize your involvement, your voice, and your stake in our shared triumphs.

The power of shared ownership: a community united

Imagine being part of a community where your opinions matter, your contributions are recognized, and your involvement makes a difference. That’s the driving force behind our initiative. We firmly believe that when contributors like you are engaged in meaningful ways, shared ownership, stronger relationships, and mutual benefits follow suit. It’s a two-way street of gratitude and empowerment.

Redefining ownership for collaborative success

At the heart of our endeavor lies the desire to redefine ownership. We’re not content with the traditional concept; we’re transforming it into something more inclusive, more dynamic. Our stakeholders initiative serves as a tribute to those who align with our mission – a recognition of your role in shaping our journey. Through virtual shares, we’re inviting you to be a part of our narrative.

Collecting virtual shares: your path to empowerment

So, how can you join this transformative movement? It’s simple. Our accounting plans, valued at different tiers, automatically grant you virtual shares. For every 10 euros spent on our services, you’re not just making a transaction – you’re earning a virtual share. And here’s the beauty – your involvement doesn’t end there. Your contributions to our marketing initiatives and your feedback to enhance our services further enrich your virtual share count.

Total virtual shares and payouts: a stake in our shared future

Picture this: 10 million virtual shares, equivalent to a 10% stake in Incorporate. That’s the magnitude of our commitment. But the journey doesn’t stop at acquiring shares.

We’re introducing dividend-like payouts, tied to specific revenue milestones. As we grow, so do the rewards for those who have been a part of our success story.

Who qualifies for virtual shares?

Virtual shares are more than just a concept; they’re an opportunity for individuals aged 18 and above, residing in EEA countries or the UK. Companies and legal entities within these regions also stand to benefit. Our mission is to expand this circle of opportunity as we navigate legal nuances in potential markets.

The benefits of virtual shares

The allure of virtual shares isn’t limited to financial gains. Yes, they can be converted into real money, reflecting the value you’ve derived from our services. But it goes beyond that. Your voice gains influence in shaping our company’s future.

As we flourish, so do the virtual shares you hold. This isn’t just a transaction; it’s an immersion into our vibrant community, brimming with news, updates, and exclusive offers. And more than that, it’s your contribution to our mission of empowering conscious entrepreneurs on a global scale.

Rights of a virtual shareholder: a seat at the table

Being a virtual shareholder isn’t just a title; it comes with a suite of rights akin to those of our actual shareholders:

  1. Stay informed: Stay in the loop about our company’s activities and notable achievements.
  2. Rewards unveiled: Experience the thrill of dividend-like payouts during distributions or revenue milestones.
  3. A share in every sale: Receive compensation when our shareholders choose to sell the company.
  4. Value in liquidation: Even in cases of company liquidation, your contribution doesn’t go unnoticed.

Managing virtual shares: easy and hassle-free

Worried about the logistics? Don’t be. Our partnership with KOOS.io simplifies the allocation of virtual shares. As you engage with our services, effortlessly track your virtual shares on this intuitive platform.

A Journey with no financial risks

Accumulating virtual shares isn’t a gamble; there are no financial obligations or risks. Your share count grows organically as you immerse yourself in our offerings.

Shaping our growth: your feedback matters

Your insights hold immense value. Your feedback fuels our journey of refinement and competitiveness, actively contributing to our growth story.

Engage on your terms: flexibility redefined

Your participation is in your hands. With flexible options, you have the freedom to choose your level of engagement.

Walking the path to success together

Incorporate’s virtual share program isn’t just about shares – it’s about empowerment, involvement, and shared success. It’s an invitation to be more than a contributor – it’s about being a stakeholder, a participant, and a driver of change.

Together, we’re forging a future where collaboration reigns supreme, where every voice resonates, and where success is not just measured in numbers, but in the impact we create. Join us in redefining ownership and crafting a world where everyone’s voice truly matters.


What exactly is a virtual share?

A virtual share is a digital representation of a certain right you hold towards Incorporate. In most cases it grants you the right to request a specific payment from Incorporate if certain events occur or designated dates arrive.

Can I convert virtual shares into actual money?

Absolutely! Your virtual shares can be converted into real money, providing you with tangible financial gains.

How do I influence the company’s development as a virtual shareholder?

Your feedback plays a crucial role. By actively providing insights and suggestions, you contribute to the refinement and growth of our services.

Is there any financial risk involved in accumulating virtual shares?

No, there are no financial risks associated with earning virtual shares. They are earned through your engagement with our services.

What’s the ultimate goal of Incorporate’s virtual share program?

The goal is to create a vibrant, collaborative community where success is shared, voices are heard, and conscious entrepreneurship thrives.

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