Why Impact Day 2023 is a must-attend event for conscious entrepreneurs

In a world that is increasingly facing various crises, there is a growing need for hope, solutions, and positive action. Impact Day 2023, taking place at the Põhjala factory, offers this and much more. Here’s why this event is a game-changer for conscious entrepreneurs.

A community of like-minded individuals

Impact Day is not just an event; it’s a gathering of passionate people. It is where you no longer feel like a lone warrior but a part of an international community, helping you on your journey to creating serious impact.

Inspirational stories that ignite passion

Prepare to be inspired by over 100 impacters from Estonia and abroad. From couples making concerted efforts to reduce their environmental footprint, to initiatives supporting children’s mental health, the event promises a wealth of real-world insights.

Networking with purpose

Entrepreneurs, investors, and organizers of various development programs are all coming to Impact Day. This presents an unparalleled opportunity to find collaborators, form partnerships, and potentially meet your next team member or business partner.

Consciously expanding your knowledge

Impact Day provides environmental tips and insights into a more conscious way of living. Discover small steps you can take to make a big difference, such as how buying single bananas at the store can lead to significant waste reduction.

A sustainable event experience

Impact Day is designed to be as low-footprint as possible. With a goal to save 95% of food waste and a strict “no” to disposable dishes and gifts, attendees can enjoy the event knowing that sustainability is at its core.

Skill acquisition for you and your business

One of the event’s three stages is entirely dedicated to your development. From measuring your company’s positive impact, to learning how to evaluate influential companies efficiently, Impact Day is rich with opportunities for growth.

Promote your impactful business

Impact Day is also a platform for you to shine. You have the opportunity to showcase your impact-creating solutions, potentially rocking the Expo area and engaging with potential customers or partners.

Learn, grow, and act

Get ready to walk away with actionable steps on how to minimize your company’s footprint, improve employee well-being, and contribute more significantly to society.

Take action now and be part of the solution

Now that you are aware of the immense value and opportunities that Impact Day 2023 offers, it is time to act. This is not just another event – it’s a platform for change, and your presence can make a difference.

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Don’t miss this chance to be at the forefront of the sustainability movement in the Baltics.

Get your discounted tickets now and let’s work together to create a better, more conscious, and sustainable world! 🌎

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