Simplified accounting: how our plans elevate your business


As a passionate entrepreneur, your business journey is unique, driven by purpose and soulful aspirations. We understand the challenges you face and are here to provide tailored accounting plans that meet your needs, allowing you to focus on nurturing the growth and success of your business.

Our accounting plans are designed with expertise, innovation, and a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape. Whether you’re just starting your journey, experiencing rapid growth, or seeking balance in business and life, we have the perfect solution to support your business needs.

Explore VisionVault, GrowthGenius, and BalanceMaster – each carefully designed to align with the distinct stages of your entrepreneurial venture. And here’s the best part – we offer you free company registration in the Estonian Business Register and the mandatory contact person service, included in the price of your chosen accounting plan.

The accounting plans


A small but suitable plan for companies that are starting their operations. The VisionVault plan is designed for businesses without employees and not subject to VAT obligations (exceptional cases include when a company wishes to voluntarily register itself as a VAT taxpayer).

It is also suitable for those with a relatively low number of monthly sales and purchase invoices.

This plan includes:

  • 10 sales and purchase invoices per month – Start-up companies usually have a lower need for processing a large number of sales and purchase invoices as their operations are not yet fully established. Our accountants process up to ten income and expense documents, and each entry exceeding the limit is charged at an affordable rate of 0.78 euros.
  • Submission of the annual financial report – Companies are obligated to submit the annual financial report no later than 6 months after the end of the financial year. The report must be submitted even if there is no business activity. The submission of the annual financial report is included in the plan for micro-enterprises as defined by the Accounting Act.
  • Monthly VAT return submission – If your company is already registered for VAT, it entails the obligation to submit monthly VAT returns to the Tax and Customs Board (EMTA). We handle the VAT declarations on your behalf!


A suitable plan for companies in the growth phase with greater needs than what the VisionVault plan can provide. This plan includes the submission of declarations to the Tax and Customs Board (EMTA) and payroll accounting, ensuring peace of mind and stability, essential for the further development of a growing business.

The GrowthGenius plan includes:

  • All services included in the VisionVault plan.
  • 40 sales and purchase invoices per month – Growing companies have larger income and expenses, which means a higher volume of invoices and receipts. Our accountants process all income and expense documents for your company, and each entry exceeding the limit is charged at an affordable rate of 0.78 euros.
  • Monthly income and social tax return – If your company is an employer, it entails the obligation to submit monthly declarations of personal income tax and social tax to the Tax and Customs Board (EMTA). We handle the personal income tax and social tax declarations on your behalf!
  • Payroll accounting (2 employees) – Business growth often involves hiring new employees who play a vital role in achieving your company’s business goals. The plan includes payroll accounting for up to two employees, who receive a fixed monthly salary.
  • Asset accounting (5 units) – We maintain the asset accounting for your company based on transactions recorded in sales and purchase invoices, providing you with a clear overview of the resources available to your company. The plan includes accounting for up to five units, tangible assets (tools, buildings, vehicles, etc.), and intangible assets (software programs, brand value, etc.).
  • Accounting document forms – All necessary accounting documents specific to your company are customized and comply with the relevant laws of the Republic of Estonia. We also store all required documents and supporting documents in accordance with the prescribed legal procedures, ensuring their availability for submission to the authorities if needed.


This is our largest and most comprehensive plan designed for companies that have been operating for a longer period and have significantly increased business volumes. In addition to other services, this plan also offers project-based accounting and monthly reports on key performance indicators, which assist the company’s management in making data-driven decisions.

This plan includes:

  • All services included in the VisionVault and GrowthGenius plans.
  • 120 sales and purchase invoices – This plan covers up to 120 processed sales and purchase invoices by Incorporate accountants, which is generally sufficient for companies that have been operating for a few years. For entries exceeding the limit, each one is charged at an affordable rate of 0.78 euros.
  • Payroll accounting (5 employees) – Established companies typically have employees who contribute to the ongoing productivity and profitability. The BalanceMaster plan includes payroll accounting for up to five employees who receive a fixed monthly salary. This ensures convenient and smooth payroll management for your company!
  • Asset accounting (15 units) – We maintain the asset accounting for your company based on transactions recorded in sales and purchase invoices, providing you with a clear overview of the various resources available to your company. The BalanceMaster  plan includes accounting for up to fifteen units, which can represent different financial investments, tangible assets, and intangible assets.
  • Project-based accounting – If necessary, we provide accounting for specific projects related to your company, including expenses and revenues. This gives you an accurate and detailed overview of the efficiency and performance of the project. It is also possible to maintain accounting for multiple warehouses, where separate tracking of goods is important.
  • Monthly reports on key performance indicators – Monitoring key performance indicators is crucial for businesses as it provides management with insights into existing challenges and potential opportunities to drive the company forward. We prepare reports based on your selected key performance indicators, saving you significant time.

More than just a service, a community of conscious entrepreneurs!

We take pride in offering three unique accounting plans that go beyond traditional bookkeeping services. Our mission is to support conscious entrepreneurs like you, who are driven by a deeper purpose and consciousness in your business endeavors.

Save on business setup costs and focus on your impact entrepreneur goals

Our carefully curated accounting plans are designed to cater to your daily accounting needs while fostering a strong business foundation. As a token of gratitude for selecting us as your partner and entrusting us with your business, each accounting plan includes a complimentary service for company establishment and appointing a mandatory contact person, as per Estonian laws.

This thoughtful inclusion not only saves you costs associated with starting a business but also enables you to concentrate on achieving your entrepreneurial goals while contributing to the well-being of Planet Earth.

Contribute to a greener future and support environmental causes

We are deeply committed to making a positive impact on the environment. By choosing to do business with us, you actively participate in a movement towards a greener and more sustainable future. As proud members of 1% for the Planet, we pledge to contribute 1% of our sales towards the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

Your partnership with us directly supports environmental causes, making your business journey not only purposeful but also contributing to meaningful environmental initiatives. To learn more about the inspiring work of the 1% for the Planet organization, we encourage you to delve into their mission and global impact.

Own a stake in our company and unlock exclusive benefits

We are pioneers of stakeholder capitalism, dedicated to sharing our success with those who actively contribute to value creation. As a valued subscriber to any of our accounting plans, you automatically become part of our stakeholders initiative.

Our program gives you virtual shares in our company, allowing virtual shareholders to participate in the company’s financial success. This allows you to establish a deeper connection with the Incorporate community, gaining exclusive benefits and opportunities within our thriving ecosystem. Read more about the initiative.

If there is any service missing from our accounting plans that your company requires, it is possible to add the respective service to the plan according to our price list!

If you would like advice on selecting the appropriate plan or clarification on any of our services, please feel free to contact us.

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